Victoria Arduino Adonis
  • Soft Infusion System: Thanks to Nuova Simonelli’s innovative SI system, tamping a shot is almost fool proof! Easily create soft and creamy espresso shots every time.
  • PID: LCD display allows you to view and manipulate the temperature, bar pressure and dosage in just a few steps.
  • Raised Group Heads: You can customize your Adonis with raised group heads for maximum cup clearance.
  • Auto & Manual Steam Arm: Choose your preferred steaming method and commence frothing with Nuova Simonelli’s signature push/pull lever.
  • High Efficiency Extraction System: Works to bring out the aroma of every coffee blend and offer the same high quality drink with every brew.
  • Programmable Shots: Each group head features two programmable buttons for dispensing a single shot and another two for dispensing double shots.
  • Barista Light: Shining the way to a delicious cup…or at least helping the barista see!
  • High Volume: This workhorse will power out approximately 150 - 300 drinks per day.



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