Alex PID Plus

The Alex PID espresso coffee machine is well known for their simplicity, linearity and brilliant silver color. It is a single boiler heat exchanger (HX) model, equipped with electronic thermo regulation and stainless steel finishing taps with anti burn grips. Alex PID can work with a water tank or direct connection to the water net.

The Alex PID has the ability to take water from its own reservoir tank or be connected to the mains. A simple switch operation converts from reservoir to mains water in just a few minutes. 

Unlike other mains connected domestic machines, ALEX PID has the ability to connect the drip tray to a waste outlet.

ALEX PID is suitable both for home and commercial use.

These extra features will put the Alex PID in exactly the same category as a professional machine. The rotary pump gives more controlled power and reliability, the larger boiler as well as extra capacity ensures far better pressure stability, and the larger heating element will ensure that all this extra capacity has extra performance and quicker recovery time.

ALEX PID is a serious machine for people who are thinking seriously about making perfect coffee. Each machine is professionally built, hand-assembled and tested by trained professional technicians.

- Low water tank alarm beep switch on/off.
- Custom steam and hot water knobs.
- Lever-action semiautomatic E61 commercial brew group
- Commercial rotary pump & motor
- Gicar P.I.D. controller in place of pressure stat
- Switch for use the connection to water supply or internal water tank
- Large, 2 liter horizontal boiler
- Two commercial manometers (pressure gauges), one for the group, one for the pump
- Swivel No Burn Stainless Steel Steam Arm
- Swivel No Burn Stainless Steel Hot Water Spigot
- Steam tip with four 0.9 mm holes
- Large-capacity drip tray with (DRAIN KIT INCLUDED)
- No-stick vacuum breaker valve, (allows you to put machine on a timer and not experience vapor lock)
- Resettable Hi limit
- Automatic water level control
- High-quality stainless steel construction, including the frame
- Adjustable, chrome leveling legs 

New features:
- Increased cup clearance
- Lower drip tray
- Pid with shot timer integrated
- Boilers with drain plug
- Magnets to allow easy positioning of the drip tray
- Mushroom, gicleur and top nut in stainless steel

Standard accessories:
- 1 filter holder of 58mm with one way spout
- 1 filter holder of 58mm with two way spout
- Stainless steel blank for backflushing.
- Stainless steel braided water line for connecting to water supply
- Drain kit for connecting to sewerage
- Tamper



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