Baratza Forte AP
The Forté AP is a compact, commercial grade grinder,
dedicated to grinding for ALL brew methods. The Forté AP
incorporates many features that fit well into commercial
operations, including: all metal construction; small footprint;
intuitive control panel; and solid macro/micro adjustment. The
Forté AP offers the ability to grind by time, for espresso
dosing, or by weight. Coffee professionals find the Forté AP
to be a versatile grinder for many situations

as a small
restaurant and office espresso/brew grinder, as a Roaster
demo grinder for wholesale tasting, or being a dedicated
grinder for decaf or single origin in a café.
The Forté AP is a durable workhorse using a 54mm flat ceramic burr, which
produces an accurate and precise grind, delivering exceptional cup quality for
brew methods from espresso to press pot. We re-designed the guts of the
Vario-W for commercial use. The Forté AP design includes a grinding
assembly with a threaded burr holder which screws firmly into an all metal
grinding chamber for a more accurate grind. A larger gear to belt ratio,
combined with a more efficient DC motor increases the speed of grind and
duty cycl



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